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Quick Details


Join the party on the Lucky Lady! We go where the fish are!

The time of year determines the species we target as we fish the world class waters of Long Island Sound. Our main quarry is Sea Bass, Fluke, Porgies, Blackfish, Striped Bass and Bluefish.

Please note: We do offer rod rentals for $8 per person! Please bring cash to pay onboard if you’re interested in renting

More info:

Is there a bathroom onboard the boat?

We do have a functioning head as well on the boats. Though we suggest using the bathroom before the trip, which is located at our place of departure.

Can I keep my fish and do you clean it?

Yes, you can keep your catch as long as it meets state regulations. We will expertly fillet your fish for you (Except Porgies). You will receive your cleaned and filleted catch in a plastic bag, which can be frozen or cooked immediately.

What is a customary tip for the Mate?

Our mates work hard to ensure that you have a good day. The customary tip is generally 20% of the charter fee.

Is alcohol allowed?

Beer (as well as soft drinks) can be brought onboard in cans/plastic bottles only. Hard Liquor is not allowed.

What to bring

Make sure that you bring along food, beverages, sunglasses and sunscreen, a light jacket and hat, foul weather gear, non-marking soft sole shoes, and don’t forget cameras and coolers for your catch. Dramamine or other motion sickness medication should be taken the night before your trip and again in the morning when you wake.